25 scenario #4 Teacher D has a collection of VSEP evidence that is currently in development for earth sciences. The proof of a SOL is addressed to all signs of enumeration, but not to the strain. What went missing when monitoring this compilation of VSEP courses? One more step…. This compilation of course work is subject to evaluation. What do you think`s going to happen to the score? 3 Monitoring Avoid “MAD DASH” before COE and CWC are due. Regular and systematic review of evidence-based evaluations in the development process, with opportunities for feedback and intervention. Why the monitor? What is monitoring? To create better COE and CWC. Increase consistency between the student`s level of performance and the evidence presented in the WCC or CWC. To catch potential problems at an early stage. Review with the Flipping teacher by an evidence-based evaluation review without feedback Avoid “MAD DASH” before WCC and CWC are due. 22 Scenario 1: Student A VAAP evidence collection is developed and submitted for a class 8 student.

All evidence presented in the student`s evidence collection reflects Grade 7. SEI-Tag reflects grade 7 ASOLs A series of worksheets submitted State “Grade 7″ What was missed in the surveillance for this vaap collection of evidence has Step Further…. Student A`s evidence collection is obtained during the division`s local points gain. The results are transmitted and validated in PearsonAccess. Student A obtains evidence and is selected for the exam. What went missing during the pre-scoring process for this VAAP evidence collection? What do you think will happen during the exam? 9 Intervention Options Participation in local training Access to government and local land or evaluation resources Peer meetings or small groups Individual advice and support 12 What is pre-scoring not? A detailed review of evidence-based evaluations prior to the evaluation submission. Why pre-score? What is pre-scoring? A final review to ensure that all scoring rules have been followed to ensure that no last-minute details have been overlooked in order to provide the opportunity to make changes before the WCC/CWC is submitted for the A “mad dash” assessment to create a compendium of evidence Time, For Instruction 18 Pre-scoring Media-Considerations OrganizationAltions Dos videotape and audiotapes have transcripts? Are videotapes and tapes clearly marked with SEI tags? SEI tags should be displayed on the case and not on the DVD.